Renuvion J-Plasma®

Renuvion J-Plasma®

Skin Tightening and Resurfacing (Renuvion J Plasma)

This amazing skin rejuvenation treatment is revolutionizing the medical aesthetics industry! Renuvion J-Plasma® is a non-surgical, office-based treatment for patients who want to experience skin tightening without invasive cosmetic surgery. Think of it as a true, non-surgical facelift.

Because sun damage and age-related skin changes affect everyone, people are always looking for ways to repair this damage. J-Plasma® is like pushing the “reset” button on your skin. Surgical facelift procedures can lift and “reposition” skin on your face to create a younger look, but there are some downsides, including cost and recovery time. Additionally, a surgical facelift does not resurface the skin so you are left with the same discolored and damaged skin.

J-Plasma®, on the other hand, dramatically contracts the skin as well as completely removing the skin damage you’ve accumulated over the years. J-Plasma® represents a true, nonsurgical facelift. J-Plasma® skin resurfacing can also dramatically improve wrinkles, imprinted lines and irregular pigmentation by resurfacing your skin, which is not a benefit available from a surgical facelift. It can also significantly tighten and smooth neck skin and skin under the eye.

J-Plasma® (also known as “J Plasty”) uses gas plasma energy far superior to lasers to refresh and tighten loose skin without invasive surgery, extended recovery time or major surgical scars. Because Dr. Webster can apply controlled heat to specific targets areas to tighten skin, J-Plasma® is a very precise treatment.

Contracting soft tissue starts the collagen rebuilding process. While you will see positive results quickly, the collagen rebuilding process continues over a period of months so the effects of J-Plasma® improve over time. Also, with tighter skin, fine lines around your eyes, cheeks and lips disappear. Dr. Webster likes to say that J-Plasma® is like pushing the reset button on your skin.


Dr. Webster usually recommends full-face treatment, but he can also perform treatment focused on specific areas around the eyes, mouth and jowls (sagging skin below your chin or jawline). We particularly recommend J-Plasma® for people age 60+ who want a “new lease on life.” This treatment can give you back 30 years! J-Plasma® is a great treatment for:

  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles or imprinted lines
  • Jowls
  • Pigmented facial skin
  • Melasma


J-Plasma® uses a gas plasma technology. Plasma is created by adding energy to gas. This technology combines cold helium plasma with RF energy. The helium plasma focuses RF energy for a greater control of tissue effect, enabling a high level of precision and virtually eliminating unintended tissue trauma.


Although the procedure is relatively pain free, the healing process can last for about 2-3 weeks, with several months needed to achieve optimal “final” results. During the first few weeks after the procedure, patients may experience redness, minor swelling, itching and skin peeling. You will want to give yourself a solid 10 days of at-home recovery to protect your skin and achieve your best results. Because J-Plasma® is hyper-focused, it greatly reduces pain, burn scars, hyperpigmentation and other common side effects that are associated with traditional laser treatments. Many patients report minimal pain during recovery.

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