Micro-needling (COSMOPen)

Micro-needling (COSMOPen)

Micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a treatment to reduce the visibility of acne scars or surgical scars (including keloids) as well as to reduce the size of large pores and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. COSMOPen is a state-of-the-art, medical grade, high speed micro-needling system. COSMOPen offers the same results as a fractional laser without pain, downtime, expense or thermal damage.

Micro-needling may also help improve skin tone and texture, resulting in firmer, smoother and younger-looking skin while avoiding the side effects and recovery time of other laser treatments. By vertically piercing the skin, COSMOPen helps to naturally induce collagen production and to treat pigmentation.


This procedure can be used on all skin types and is designed to treat various skin conditions. COSMOPen micro-needling is particularly appropriate for people with fine lines, moderate wrinkles, uneven skin texture, modern skin looseness (laxity), atrophic acne scars, sun damage or diminished tone, texture or color of the skin.


Micro-needling is based on the ability of the skin to repair itself when it suffers physical damage. After an injury to the skin, our body dissolves the damaged tissue and replaces it with new, health skin tissue. Using very tiny, fine needles, this therapy controls and stimulates the skin’s self-repair mechanism by creating extremely small micro injuries in the skin. This process triggers new collagen and elastin synthesis but does not pose the risk of permanent scarring.


Healing after micro-needling can happen as quickly as 24 hours but may take up to two to three days, depending on the extent of your treatment. You can return to work or other social activities immediately and can wear makeup as soon as 24 hours after treatment.

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