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Age 20 to 30

Most women in their twenties tend to be in good health with little need to see their physician. Although it is usually a time in our lives when we look very good, preventing damage to the skin and protecting it, is important. If you want to maintain your natural beauty, this is the time to start.

Showing expression is an important part of our individuality – but for some woman excessive expression may result in the formation of lines. In these cases, starting treatment with Botox earlier is better and beneficial to keep your features soft. Dermal fillers are mainly used to balance the face where slight correction or beautification is needed.

Hyperpigmentation can be commonly caused by using the contraceptive pill, pregnancy, too much sun or after inflammation of the skin. Skin care, UV protection and chemical skin peels are all very important in treating and maintaining the uniformity of color in the skin.

Acne is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous units of the skin, producing, papules, pustules, cysts and scars. Acne tends to affect women earlier than men. First line treatment includes Benzoyl peroxide, topical skin treatment and/or antibiotics. Chemical skin peels are very effective in treating the condition and Derma roller can improve scarring.

Excessive sweating can start to be a problem and cause difficulty in feeling comfortable when socializing or doing sport. This can be easily and safely managed by using Botox.

Being in your twenties is a wonderful time, and looking good is easy. The art is to keep it that way.

Age 30 to 40

In our thirties, we normally get to know ourselves better, with improved confidence and identity. Most of us are still quite medically fit. But, work and home life can be quite demanding with very little personal time. Actively planning families or having sleepless nights with babies or toddlers are common at this age. This constant lack of sleep often accompanied by fluctuating hormones can leave one exhausted.

During this time, we often put our needs last on the list. Although resting lines and volume loss starts to show on our faces, most of us still maintain our beauty. This is the time to press pause. Prevention sets the stage for the next ten years.

A simple and dependable skin regime is essential. Cosmeceuticels are medical grade skin care products that are normally not available over the counter. These products are formulated to treat specific skin conditions or prevent skin damage.

Swapping facials for superficial chemical peels on a regular basis gives the skin a greater advantage.

Looking fresh and natural, despite having a hectic life, can be easily achieved by using Botox to soften lines. Depending on the amount and area Botox is used, you can maintain expression with using Botox and that is certainly the way it should be.

Using Dermal fillers for example Juvederm or Radiesse, to put a bit of volume back in your face, is not only beautifying, but also very effective. Skin is still very receptive and reacts well to the hydrating effect that is achieved by using dermal fillers.

We might start to notice small capillaries or “broken veins” on our faces. This is easily managed by using laser therapy to close these little vessels. This is a safe and fairly painless procedure that yields good results.

Unwanted hair can be permanently removed by laser treatments.

There are many things we can do to look after our skin, but realizing that it is the time to start, is key.

Age 40 to 50

Life may be a bit more settled in your forties. Although time constraints are still there, it might be possible to make a bit more time for yourself. To look your best, you will probably need more than a good wardrobe!

During this time, volume loss certainly shows on the face, especially for those of us who are keeping up our fitness. Wrinkles are now visible without movement. Skin starts to loose elasticity and collagen. Skin blemishes get more noticeable.

Women who have previously maintained their looks with non-invasive procedures like Botox or Dermal fillers will likely think that status quo is sufficient. If Botox has only been used on the upper face, the lower face would need to be addressed. Combination treatment will give the best results and give uniformity and beautification to the face. Bags under the eyes might become visible and need eyelid surgery, a minor surgical procedure called blepharoplasty. Heavy eyelids can also be corrected with this procedure.

Women who have had no treatment before, invariably need a little more time spent to improve and maintain the skin, depending on the objective in mind,. Some women might be happy with only a little bit of Botox, but combining treatment, with either Botox, Dermal fillers, Blepharoplasty or Chemical skin peels, will give the best results.

Dermaroller and skin peels are excellent ways to give the skin a lovely shine and improve fine lines, without using Botox. Lips can regain their natural fullness with the use of dermal fillers.

For “broken veins” on the face, skin tags, or unsightly moles, laser therapy or minor surgery can be used.

Many woman suffer with migraines and by their forties, would have tried many medical treatments to improve them. Botox is FDA approved for treating migraines, with the added benefit of looking good after.

Treating and looking after skin is always rewarding and is an important part of being healthy.

Age 50 and older

Women in their fifties and beyond are in a very important time in their lives. Many are established and need to look good, both professionally and for personal gain. The fifties are also important because of the hormonal fluctuation and the symptoms that this brings. The menopause accelerates aging and this shows in our skin, hair, bone structure and loss of libido.

Without previous non-invasive treatments, women might be concerned about general loss of volume on their faces, noticing sunken cheeks, loss of lip definition, heavy eyelids and loss of jawline definition.

An important question to ask would be if plastic surgery will be an option?

Many women would only want to address a visible frown, in which case Botox and possibly a little bit of dermal filler, will give the correct results.

If skin looks tired, skin resurfacing with either Derma roller or medium depth chemical skin peels will improve and correct the problem.

To beautify your face and restore the volume, combination treatment with dermal fillers, Botox and plastic surgery might be necessary.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a very successful minor surgery procedure to improve the appearance of eyes. Eye bags can be removed and heavy eyelids can be corrected.

At the Oregon Coast Plastic Surgery Clinic we are passionate about restoring your beauty and will give you advice on the best way to achieve this.